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The Good Bid Writer: A Field Guide

12 October 2011

If there’s one thing that British people are really squeamish about it is money. Perhaps that’s why bid writing has a slightly dubious...

BEWARE THE LAPSER - They May Not Be Who You Think They Are

12 October 2011

As fundraising consultants we have been thinking a lot about lapsed donors (and members) lately. In particular about the way we define them and the...

How effective event branding can raise your fundraising efforts

12 October 2011

There are many ways of fundraising but one of the most popular, particularly at this time of year, is through events. Events need careful and...

Fundraising in the UK………Are we still in the dark ages?

12 October 2011

The fundraising profession has made enormous strides in the UK over the past twenty years, and it continues to grow. Umbrella organisations like the...

Fundraising – Going Back to Basics

12 October 2011

Over the past couple of months I have been getting more and more enthused about the fundraising potential we are starting to see being unlocked via...